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Say hello to ful, a compliment to group health care coverage that delivers value and quality that employees deserve while also protecting employers’ bottom line. Created to achieve the ultimate balance in healthcare savings and an engaged employee population, ful uses transparency, data and education to create more savvy healthcare spenders.

Healthcare is the second largest compensation cost for employers and most often, the second largest monthly household expense for employees. With health care and health plan coverage premiums skyrocketing, isn’t it time to get healthcare right for everyone?

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Richer Benefits.

Bigger Savings.

Increased Transparency.

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The ful. Solution

Annual waste in the U.S. healthcare system is estimated between $760 billion and $950 billion.1

1Waste in the US Health Care System, Shrank, William H; Rogstad, Teresa L.; Parekhm, Natasha, JAMA Volume 322 (15) – Oct 15, 2019, Accessed April 6, 2022.

While other solutions on the market seek to address these waste centers, no other solution is comprehensively removing waste on the member level. By right sizing HSA and/or FSA rewards for participating members who are becoming better healthcare consumers, we’re helping right-size utilization and systematically reducing waste while improving access to care.

Why ful.?

ful. was built from the ground up to fight skyrocketing health plan costs and provide richer, yet affordable and convenient benefits for healthcare consumers.

ful. empowers members to take active control of their own personal healthcare choices.

ful. improves access to care, educates, and rewards members ensuring this new operating system for health plans delivers more for less.

ful. delivers positive results for each of the plan’s stakeholders by focusing on its members. We’ve created an advantage toward savvy healthcare spending and financial well-being.


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There's no better time to consider complementing your coverage - with ful. to make it a richer benefit where members are empowered and rewarded. ful. provides all of the tools members need to be engaged in their personal healthcare choices.

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