Equipping Brokers with Heroic Benefits

Richer Benefits, Lower Costs

We love partnering with brokers and consultants to help meet employer groups’ biggest challenges. Are your groups seeing double digit increases in healthcare premiums? Are they resorting to even higher deductibles? Be the hero your health plans need by offering a better option!

ful. Health Is Different Because We:

  • Complement your self-funded health plan coverage.

  • Put members first and reduce healthcare spend without cutting quality of care.

  • Deliver a  richer benefits solution that lowers costs while improving member health outcomes and financial well-being.

  • Enhance access to care, ease the transition to higher deductibles, and improve healthcare consumer savvy.


ful. HSA: Learn, Earn, Shop

ful. View: Learn, Shop, Save

For traditional plans, ful. View includes the health savings curriculum and all of the tools they need to conserve their out of pocket spend on healthcare, plus discount mail order pharmacy, cost containment for an ER visit, and more. Now, traditional plan members facing skyrocketing deductibles get support for every step of their health savings journeys.


CirrusMD is a virtual healthcare company delivering care that is instantly accessible, always informed, and directly connected to the patient’s longitudinal health record. We are solving three of healthcare’s most pervasive problems directly at the point of care: lack of access, lack of relevant information, and lack of care continuity. With a simple chat, our network of high-quality physicians is instantly accessible (<60 seconds), anytime (24/7/365), anywhere in the U.S. CirrusMD doctors are supported by our proprietary Clinical Intelligence Engine, which uses AI-based technology to mine the care encounter for underlying health risks, surface relevant benefit resources and update patient records via integration with a Quality Health Information Network (QHIN).

Businesses have relied on self-funded plans to help protect their bottom line and their members. Today, by adding ful to engage members in their benefits and care choices, plans are offering a much richer benefit.

Let’s talk about what ful. can do for your clients today!


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