Paying Clients Back

Right Size Utilization With Right Sized Rewards

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Self-Funded? Save even more with ful.’s reward system

Featuring improved access to care; when your members have pre-funded health savings accounts, they’ll get quality care when they need it.

  • ful. ensures a smooth transition to a HDHP, making a richer benefit that helps retain and attract employees

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Provide Simple, Small Bite Education to Your Plan Members That is Proven to Lower Claims Cost

We know that savvy healthcare consumers spend less. But how do you effectively engage members to take an active role in their own care? By paying them, of course! By simply changing the way the money flows through the health plan, ful. gives groups the power of members who WANT to learn and become more savvy healthcare consumers.

  • Simple to understand and rewarding, ful. delivers a gamified educational platform which only requires about 10 minutes per month for members to learn how to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.

  • Each month that members complete a quiz, the group makes another distribution into each participating members’ HSA account. These quiz games are proven to teach members some of the most common misconceptions about healthcare and helps them become savvy healthcare spenders.

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Provide Richer Benefits That Cost Less (Potentially MUCH Less) Than Your Current Coverage

By offering rewards via HSA distributions to participating members, you’re making healthcare accessible and delivering richer benefits that will attract and help retain employees. The fact is, about 50% of health plan members do not use their benefits. These members may be healthy or afraid to seek care, not knowing what it will cost. The latter is especially true for members of traditional high-deductible health plans.

With ful., participating members benefit by accumulating HSA savings.  The result?  Improved access to quality care with lower claim costs for the members and the plan.


Deliver more for less using a high-deductible health plan in conjunction with ful.’s education and rewards to provide richer benefits that help retain and attract employees!

Achieve value for your buying power. Contact us to learn more!


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