Say "hello" to the HSA (Health Savings Account)—it’s a simple way to convert time into healthcare dollars. Exponentially and untaxed. A head start on today’s and next decade’s health expenses. Just by chipping in a few dollars to your HSA every paycheck, $25 grows into $250, $25,000, or more. And the growth only accelerates. Launching your HSA just one year earlier or upping your monthly contribution by just $5 can pay thousands down the line.

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Discover how much money you can save with an HSA.

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*Estimate of potential income tax savings from HSA contributions and earnings.

Disclaimer: HSA Future Value Calculator

This Health Savings Account (HSA) Future Value Calculator is provided for informational purposes only and is intended to assist users in estimating the future value of their HSA based on the information provided. The results generated by this calculator are estimates and may not reflect the actual future value of your HSA.

Important Considerations:

Rate of Return: The calculator uses an expected rate of return, which is provided by the user. Please note that actual investment returns can vary, and the rate of return is subject to market fluctuations.

Federal Tax Bracket: The calculator takes into account the user's self-reported federal tax bracket. Changes in tax laws or personal circumstances may affect your actual tax liability.

Health Expenses: The estimated future value is influenced by the expected health expenses entered by the user. Actual health expenses may differ, and unforeseen medical events can impact the accuracy of the estimate.

HSA Administrator's Cash Reserve: Some HSA administrators may require a cash reserve. Users should consult their HSA administrator for specific requirements.

Duration of Funding: The calculator considers the duration for which the user plans to fund their HSA. Changes in contribution levels or funding duration may affect the calculated future value.

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